Food Stories

"...surprisingly great for a food court dining experience. Chicken Schwarma, roasted veggie sandwiches, and a falafel wrap made for an excellent dinner."

- Nate

Why Massad's?

Massad’s take great pride in what it does, especially when it comes to our food. With the unique combination of healthy high quality food and pricing that is affordable to all, Massad’s continues to etch itself in the fabric of culinary culture. Massad’s takes pride in drawing from its eclectic background and experiences in coming up with unique and creative recipes. Massad’s offers a true alternative to customers looking for a healthy quick way to dine. Whether the consumer is on the go or just looking for something unique and rich in flavor, Massad’s can accommodate their every need. Massad’s has the exceptional ability to adapt to their environment while catering to its customer’s needs. This innate ability has allowed the family businesses to flourish for many generations and will allow it flourish for many years to come.

We are looking for people who are passionate, motivated, customer centric and possess great business service skills. If you possess these characteristics, join us as we take the North American and worldwide food industry by storm. Massad’s is currently constructing the support material needed to offer our future franchisees the highest potential rate of success.

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